Key Considerations

The Whimsy Ecosystem is subject to several external factors and market conditions. Even though we have created a system to allow everyday people to benefit from STR and LTR through their Platypus Cyberpunks NFT. It is important to understand before using Whimsy how these external factors could impact your Venom Rewards.


About Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) is a proof-of-stake blockchain network that can run smart contracts and dApps on its ecosystem.

Where Do I Get Cardano (ADA)?

You can buy Cardano (ADA) on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can learn more about Cardano here.

How We Use USD

We intake fiat in the form of USD from rental revenues generated from Whimsy Properties. We then use USD to buy ADA to fuel the Whimsy network. We have no control over the price of ADA at the time of purchase. Users of the Whimsy network need to understand that this is a factor that Whimsy does not control and only abides by the natural flow of the market. Whimsy will at times need to make purchase & sale decisions that are in the best interest of the business.


VNM token is a total supply coin of 150M tokens minted using the Cardano network. Our Cardano ADA to VNM (Venom) token pairing is the main pairing for our liquidity pool. This pairing will be hosted in minswap using their LP (liquidity pool) technology and marketing features that display our pairing on CoinMarketCap. Our tokenomics is based on the randomness and luck factors of Cardano's staking protocols. This means that any liquidity that is being added to the LP is coming from staking rewards from stake pools that are in the Whimsy network. The success of these stake pools is totally reliant on the Cardano community's willingness to stake in staking pools on the Whimsy network and their participation in our NFT mintings to gain access (i.e. membership). All participation is voluntary. VNM is the token used to reward our members and later used to make purchases on the platform.

How Whimsy isn't in control:

  • VNM rewards are paid out in if we are able to mint blocks on the Cardano blockchain. If no blocks are minted then no VNM rewards are paid out.

  • ADA/VNM value on the minswap Liquidity Pool is totally based on 2 factors

    • External to the Whimsy community providing their own liquidity on the minswap platform

    • If stake pools on the Whimsy network mint blocks to then add liquidity to the LPs which is completely luck based, i.e. not block, no LP deposit

  • ALL liquidity passes through stake pools. There is no direct payment of ADA to any single individual wallet or person. This means business profit, NFT royalties, rental income and any other source of shared revenue will be deposited to a stake pool wallet that is staked a pool on the whimsy network.

3) Fluctuation in Business Costs

Whimsy has both fixed and variable business costs. From the price of real estate to property management, maintenance, and minor repair costs, to data storage costs - we operate as a real business and at times there are fluctuations in our business costs. While we try our best to predict and minimize variance in our business costs, but we cannot predict everything. Since we do need to cover business expenses, you should be aware that this is also another factor that impacts the amount of Venom Rewards for which you are eligible.

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