Token Distribution

There will be a maximum supply of 150,000,000 tokens that follows a disbursement schedule. Under this schedule there is a release of Venom tokens over a 10-year period as outlined in Token Distribution Timeline.

Token Distribution:

  • Core Team: 15%

  • Development Fund: 25%

  • Treasury: 35%

  • NISO Air Drop: 5%

  • NISO NFT Initial Stake Offering: 10%

NISO Airdrop

This is a unique type of airdrop that is claimable only after the full completion of the NISO. Each Platypus Cyberpunk NFT will have 1350 $Venom tokens associated to them at time of minting. These tokens will be associated to their respective NFT as long as they are unclaimed. Once the tokens are claimed the NFT will not produce more $Venom as this is a one time airdrop. This does mean that if you were to sell these NFTs on a secondary market without claiming the tokens, you would have affectively sold your rights to claim those tokens with the sale of the NFT.

Token Vesting Schedules

Tokens from the core team will be locked for the first 6 months after the launch of the protocol, meaning they will not be accessible to team members during that time. After that time period, Team tokens will vest linearly during the next 2.5 years.

Regarding the 25% of total supply of tokens from the development fund, these tokens will be locked for one full year before beginning a release to circulating supply. These $Venom tokens will help fuel the staking rewards during the testing and development of the Whimsy real estate staking functionality as the initial properties are rolled out onto the platform.

Having both the treasury and the development funds locked into a schedule release cadence will effectively lock 60% of available $Venom tokens.

Timeline $Venom Distribution

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